What Are Literary Devices?

What Are The Literary Devices? Literature Criticism
The poets and writers pour out their emotions via poems and stories, it is the structure.

According to Latin, literature means the culture and traditions of people. Hence literature is an art of imagination. Some writers create stories through their imaginations while some write the reality using some modifications. Initially, we can consider them as literary devices.

The poets and writers pour out their emotions via poems and stories, it is the structure. Here the readers will grab an understanding of the particular work through the eyes of the writers. The techniques used by these writers usually give broad meaning to the piece or sometimes will create a fascinating image to the readers.

What Are Literary Devices?

Importance Of Literary Devices

It helps you to understand the author’s motive about the work and will help you come up with your own idea about the particular work. For instance, characterization, languages used, and the format of scenes are useful in the knowledge about the devices of literature.

Examples Of Literary Devices 

If you dive into literature, you will find numerous devices that have a particular meaning and reference. Let us see the most common devices used by many of the well-known authors.


A technique that helps to produce a general happening of events or a real-life incident into an art piece or poem. The political situations, spirituality, or the common human problems create these works. Hence the readers will find out the real motive of the authors, and it can also be imagination or the expectation of the author. For example, ‘The Animal Farm’ by George Orwell is a plot based on the 20th-century Russian revolution. Here the author places an image about the revolution through his selection of characters.

Allusion In Literary Devices

This is an indirect suggestion about famous personalities, places, or events out of the text. For example, you are not Einstein to act smart here; to point out smartness using the renowned personality, Einstein.


The unusual slang and language is colloquialism. The everyday use of languages such as ‘gonna,’ ‘what’s up man’ is in the piece. When using this device, the readers will find the work to be more realistic as the words were written is general everyday use.

What Are Literary Devices?


When this device is used, it is more likely watching an opera than reading a story or a plot. The authors use this device to create a visual sense into the minds of the readers. William Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ is a perfect example of imagery. While reading this poem, the readers will come up with a picture of daffodils, trees beneath the lake, and clouds above. Hence it is the success of the author to make people understand his or her work through imagery.


This device is essential in any of the work. Let be it a poem or prose, it will make the people read the plot with the same emotion as the writer. For example, if the author has written the play or the story with negative emotion, the readers will refer to the plot with the same emotion. The poets and authors use lengthy dialogues and scenes to forward their mood to the audience.

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