Literature Books: Milestones Of World Literature

Literature Books: Milestones Of World Literature Literature Criticism
The literature and the principal medium of literature are that books can be reached easily.

There is a saying that goes “Where sunrays cannot reach!” The literature and the principal medium of literature are that books can be reached easily. Books are generally a medium for recording information. Whether it is abstract or imaginary. Books are involved in most of our lifetime. We grow up and educate ourselves by using books. Moreover, we cannot write our own mother-tongue without the help of books.

Types Of Books

Books contain every information of our World. Moreover, books are of numerous types if classified by their subject. But mainly we separate books into two types, fictional and non-fictional. Fictional books constitute stories, poems, novels, comic books, graphic novels, etc. Usually, we compose non-fictional books of information based on its subject.

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Literature Books: Milestones Of World Literature.

For instance, books such as an atlas, reference books, encyclopedia, dictionaries and much more.

Generally, we classify non-fictional books by subjects that exist in our World. However, fictional books have many genres like romance, comedy, tragedy, mystery, autobiography, and many more. Hymnals are books that are comprised of collections of musical hymns that we usually listen to in churches.

Prayer-books or missals are books that consist of written prayers and are commonly carried by religious people like monks, nuns, and other followers.

Evolution Of Literature Books

In ancient ages, when the paper was not invented. People wrote books on various things like clay, tablets, bamboo stick, stones, etc. After man invented papyrus or paper, writing books became an easier task.

Books became more available and understandable for mankind. But gradually with the advancement of generation, technology also advanced. We can also include books in the world of technology.

We can read e-books on the internet and also listen to audio-books. The current generation has digitalized books on YouTube and other media. Whatever the change may be, the craze for books amongst men can never end. Through these evolutions, the availability of books became finer.

Importance Of Literature Books

Words cannot describe the huge importance of books in the life of man.

One cannot read, if books were not there. Books make us literate and educated. They give us the power to imagine new things. Books are the mirror of every culture or race. Life without books cannot go on. We travel to different places and be in different situations when we are engaged in reading books. We can get to know new things and enhance the limits of our knowledge by reading books.

Influence Of English Literature Books

English literature is enriched by notable creative fictional and informative non-fictional works. For instance writers such as William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, John Keats, and many more have created a milestone on the roads of English literature.

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Literature Books: Milestones Of World Literature

We have seen in history that at times English literature had influenced people for revolution. Also, the poems of William Shakespeare, John Keats, and other renowned writers influence us to create emotions and ideas in our minds. Stories of different genres fill our minds with different emotions.

Whatever may happen in the coming ages. Life of Man cannot be complete without books. Libraries will never be deserted because books are the only means of our identity, knowledge, and imagination.

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