Examples of Some Types of Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism Types Literature Criticism
Learn more about the types of Criticism, we listed it for you.

Literary criticism is the systematic study of literature and the methods of studying literature. Many authors and poets use different types of literacy criticism based on their beliefs. There are different literary criticism types for this study, and here are some of the types:


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Formalism focuses on the structures or coherence effectiveness of symbolic statements such as size, match, unity of parts, the technique of coherence of the work. This is the most basic and most used type of literary criticism in literature.


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Through this literary criticism type, you can see the author’s mindset about the level of life, stance, beliefs, values ​​, and those running in the author’s mind and consciousness. This is also called as the Freudian criticism because it comprehends a text as a highlight to one’s existence in terms of psychic dilemmas.


In this literary criticism, you can criticize the image, description, position, and work of women within literature and say that women in the article aim to combat discrimination, exploitation, and operation against women.

This type of criticism is also focused on women’s rights and their opinion towards literature criticism. This type of judgment started in the 19th century where women authors voiced themselves out in different angles of literature. Among these women authors were Margaret Fuller and George Elliot.


Emphasizes the part of the work that reflects the beliefs, actions, and practices of the person. Man has a free will for himself to float its individuality and thus not be boxed in society.


Through this criticism valuing individualism, revolution, imagination, and nature, escape from reality shows man’s love for his fellow man, country, and other essays that express thoughts in an indirect, perhaps unbelievable, or in a way, funny way. Still, if you look closely, we will see it has a different meaning and thought.


The truth is emphasized in this literary criticism and reveals real-life subject to social ills such as corruption, corruption, poverty, and discrimination. It is also often focused on society and the government.


In this literary criticism, rationality and analysis are valued. The purpose is truth, goodness, and beauty. Clear, dignified, simple, temperate, objective, orderly, and finite.


In this literary criticism, it is said that man is the center of the world. It is an example of literary criticism types that aims to pay attention to human ability or character in many things.


This literary criticism shows the rivalry or confrontation of two opposing forces, strong and weak, rich and poor Power and oppressed. The view of this literary


This literary criticism examines or discusses the appreciation used—values ​​the morality, discipline, and order contained in work. Not only that, but it also focuses on equality, social justice, and sensitivity towards poetry and other literature pieces.


In this literary criticism type, the social situation can be inferred when literature was invented. This literature approach mainly focuses on society and their conflicts, as well as their contemporary issues. It is easy to analyze trends, events, special happenings, and other modernism effects when you use a sociological area of analysis.

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