Classical Literature Books Everyone Should Read

Classical Literature Books Literature Books
Love to read? Here is the must read classical books of all times.

There can be no basis for us to say that a specific book is classical. We have different views when it comes to the book we are reading, so we have no right to judge a person on what book he is reading. No matter what book it is, it cannot be changed that reading is good for our minds.

Listed below are the variety of classical literature books to feed your minds some knowledge and wisdom. These books are known world-wide and each became best-sellers when it was launched to the public. Up to this day, these books remain classics and these stories will be passed on many generations to come.


This book was written by William Shakespeare in the years 1599-1601. It is considered as Shakespeare’s best work. It is a sad and tragic story about a prince, his uncle, and his father’s ghost.

Pride and Prejudice

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This book was written in the year 1813 by Jane Austen. This book is not just about a love story. Various social issues were also discussed here. It also has a little bit of comedy. This story’s message is that we should not immediately judge a person based solely on their status in life.


This book was written in the year 1914 by James Joyce. It is one of the best classical literature books because it discusses various social issues, including religion, politics, and crimes. This story is a bit tragic but worth reading because you can learn a lot.

To kill a mockingbird

This book was written in 1960 by Harper Lee. At first, this story is just light, but you will realize that it turns out to be a tragic story as time goes on. It deals with various social injustices.

The God of small things

This book was written in 1997 by Arundhati Roy. This book is one of the best classical literature books because of its good writing. This book is remarkable because of the story’s unexpected tragic plot; this story’s action is unpredictable. One of the beauties of this is the author’s unusual and profound language to deepen the message he wants to convey.

Of Mice and Men

This book was written in 1937 by John Steinbeck. This story is one of a kind thriller story that discusses the lives of two friends who are trying to reach their dreams in life.

Final Thoughts

Reading is a fun hobby to do, but one should also make it a habit to read at least one book per day. Reading can be therapeutic to some people and it lets a person’s mind widen and be filled with knowledge.

There are tons of benefits that one can get from reading. A person’s way of understanding things will be enhanced and molded through reading. If you are into classic stories such as the books mentioned in this article, you can appreciate all types of stories.

Also, just like a human person, the brain needs to feed on knowledge to function well. Thus, reading is essential.

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